Senior Volunteers

These are some of the great chances for seniors to get involved. Volunteering will allow them to help others and keep social connections in their lives.

Why choose us


If a person is looking to get out there and help out those that have served this country this is a great opportunity.

Speak With

They can speak with current military families and soldiers that have come home on leave or disability. This will give them the chance to talk to others and share experiences. USO Volunteer is a great place to start to find the chance to help military families.

Lot Of Work

There is a lot of work for volunteers at libraries. A person can do anything from helping to check in books to working with children and helping out during story hours.

Great Chance

This is a great chance for a senior to be around those that may share the same interest in reading and will give them something to talk about. It is a great way to stay social and help out their community.


Grandparents have a huge impact on the lives of children. A senior can get out there and be a foster grandparent. They do not have to have the children come into their homes.


Instead, they can get out into the community and get involved. They can do activities or even do something as simple as talk to these kids. This is a great way to help troubled young people get back on the right path. Many youth programs are looking for volunteers.

There are also many different kinds

There are also many different kinds of voluntary organizations which you can choose to support with your free time in Sweden. You can support these organizations by working there or by donating your money to them.

Human rights protection and the promotion of democracy (at least 10 hours a month) In some organizations, you will have to take time off for training, for example to learn more about your chosen subject. These are called obligatory training.


maximum number

The maximum number of voluntary hours that you should do per year is 8,500. If you want to work more than this, you need to get permission from the Social Insurance Agency. In addition, voluntary work is not paid work and you are not entitled to unemployment benefit.

Some examples of voluntary organizations are

The Red Cross in Sweden, Red Cross International, the Salvation Army and many other similar organizations in other countries. These volunteer organizations have a great impact on their communities.

Youth clubs and social institutions such as the Scouts have taught generations of Swedes basic values such as honesty, respect for fellow man and woman, good citizenship etc. In this way, the work of these organizations have formed most of the Swedish people.

The Karolina Bang Foundation is a pioneer in helping children with special needs. Lars Ohlin was the founder of this organization.The foundation has received many awards and it has made a great contribution to helping improve the lives of children with special needs and their parents.

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) is an international youth organization which works for social justice. The YMCA has been a very important part of Swedish youth organizations and it is still an important part today.

Voluntary Work

Voluntary Work is a type of work done by members of the public who are not formally paid to do so, but who carry out tasks in their own time. These could be manual tasks or sorting and distributing clothes donated to charities.