Some Activities Count As Voluntary Work

Helping out at local community organisations, like the disability group in your town where you can support people with disabilities by going on outings or helping with things like arts and crafts projects.

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Volunteering at a local school, college and university where you can help with things like sorting out clothes, and decorating classrooms.


Donating your time to a local charity shop where you can sort donated clothes into sizes for the shop to sell.

local sports

Helping out at local sports clubs by running training sessions for beginners or helping out setting up practice matches and tournaments.


Supporting elderly people in your neighbourhood by offering them help with little jobs such as washing windows or weeding the garden.


These examples are just some of the ways you can volunteer in the UK and help others. This guide has been written to show how easy it is to volunteer, giving you advice on where to find local opportunities and how much you can expect to earn.


Volunteer in your classroom by helping with things like teaching a class lesson, or volunteering at the school canteen where you can work as an assistant baker or make cupcakes for children's parties.

local scout group

Volunteer at your local scout group by helping with things like leading canoe trips or going on hikes to help sons in their scouting skills.

Volunteer at your local museum by helping with things like leading guided tours for visiting school classes, or volunteering as an assistant to the curator of an online exhibit.


Donate your time

Donate your time by volunteering at a local animal shelter by walking pets, or fostering animals from the centre until they are adopted.

Voluntary work is not a chore. It’s a task that can change lives. Not only do you give your time and skills to an organization, but you also get the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Whether it’s providing food, shelter, or care for the elderly; helping animals or children; or any other number of worthwhile tasks – volunteering offers something for everyone and every cause needs volunteers.

One of the best ways

One of the best ways to learn more about a cause is to volunteer with them. Volunteering can help you decide if the organization is something that you’re interested in doing more of, and it gives you the chance to form an emotional connection with your work that can continue on even after your time with them has finished.

There are a variety of volunteer roles out there. There are so many opportunities to be involved that you can find the perfect fit for your talents and interests. Whether you decide to volunteer at an animal shelter, a hospital, a wildlife rescue organization, or any other type of organization; there is something on this list for everyone.

You can make a huge difference by working in whichever position appeals to you most. Just make sure you give it your full attention so you can get the most out of the experience. Working on two or more projects is an excellent way to learn about different organizations, as well as giving you more skills to use when you’re not volunteering your time with them.

Volunteering is free and an opportunity to do what you want with your free time. There have been so many studies showing the positive effects volunteering has on your outlook on life, it’s something that everyone should try to do at least once in their lifetime.

Voluntary Work

More often than not, volunteering at a charity will be a rewarding and uplifting experience. Even if you don’t feel like you have a purpose in life, volunteering can give you something to fight for.